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1956: London

The last month has seen the retirement of two of Australia’s most successful sportspeople. Ummm, Stuart O’Grady and Chad Cornes? WRONG! Sherelle McMahon and Natalie von Bertouch? CORRECT! Now, I’ll just make it very clear I have no love for netball as a game. Any time I played at high school, I was constantly stepping […]

1896: Fitzroy

This week, I had possibly my best every EVER day researching at the State Library of Victoria.  I’ve been commissioned to write a few entries for an encylopedia of sport in Victoria. Being me, I offered to write about the slightly less mainstream pastimes. I am now undertaking a crash course on the history of darts, […]

1899: Trent Bridge

Ashton Agar. If, like me, you take an interest in the fortunes of the Australian cricket team, you will understand the significance of that name. In which case, feel free to skip down to paragraph three. If, however, you are from a part of the world where cricket isn’t followed, or played, or even particularly […]

1914: Marseilles

I’m foggy headed. I generally am this time of year. Its not the Melbourne winter that does it,  but the French summer. Ot rather, the idea of a French summer. The Tour de France must be the world’s most beautiful sporting event. Sitting late nightly on my couch in Melbourne, I am glued to the […]

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