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c. 1880s: Chicago

WARNING: TODAY IS MAD MONDAY Mad Monday is baaaaaaaad news, I reckon. Two words sum it up: dwarf. fire. No doubt the powers that be at the Fremantle and Hawthorn football clubs will be hoping that their players don’t do anything publicly stupid today, as they let loose after a season of tough training, dietary […]

1954: Melbourne

Last week, a new statue was unveiled outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The bronze depicts John Coleman, who played football for the VFL team Essendon between 1949 and 1954. Essendon have had such a terrible, tumultuous year, I imagine the unveiling is a nice reminder of happier times – or is it? Because, as is […]

1894: Melbourne

Some stories just don’t go away. Or, maybe, they are like American sitcoms – re-run (and re-run, and re-run and…). Two weeks ago I blogged about the major match fixing scandal of 1919 involving the Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds. And events in Melbourne this week bring the question of match fixing again to mind. […]

1896: Athens

It has been an interesting* weekend in Australian politics. It has also been a weekend of upsets in the Australian football finals. (Could these be connected? Is there a disturbance in the force?) In this atmosphere of weirdness, I have been pondering acts of political protest by sportspeople at sporting events. Probably one of the […]

1919: Chicago

You have probably heard of the Black Sox scandal, ‘The Big Fix’ that rocked the world of American baseball in 1919. You may not, however, know of Hugh Fullerton, the journalist who broke the story and waged an unpopular campaign to bring the corruption to light. Fullerton was, in many respects, a baseball insider. Born […]

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