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1862: Hobart Town

Every year, at Christmas time, I ponder the idea of tradition. Christmas is, essentially, a time to remember that gentle little story, about the baby and the star and the shepherds and the kings and the  – I’m guessing – relieved mum and dad. But in the West, especially over the last two hundred years, […]

Christmas Day 1914: The Western Front

It is sentimental and well worn. But as we head into Christmas week, it is a story worth remembering. A simple football game played on the frosty fields of France. By December 1914, the mobile war that had waged through Belgium and France had ground to a halt. Or, more accurately, had ground itself into […]

1952: Stockholm update #1

A while ago I blogged about my stuttering efforts to discover more about the history of the great Swedish trotting event, Elitloppet. Well, thanks to the suggestions of a couple of savvy readers (you know who you are!) I have been in touch with a couple of people from the Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp , or […]

1969: Johannesburg

On the eleventh of July 1963, the police raided a house in an outlying Johannesburg suburb. In the “Rivonia Raid” documents were seized that would form the basis of the case against the leadership of the anti-apartheid organization, the African National Congress. The raid also led to the ‘capture’ of the wanted men Walter Sisulu, […]

1901: Ben Buckler

It was a Wednesday morning, early in April. Some friends decided to go fishing off the rocks near Bondi. A place called Ben Buckler. As they stood there, casting out their lines, the swell grew. A huge breaker formed, and the men ran for safety. One, though was not quick enough. Although he was thrown […]

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