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Crete: circa 1450BC

I’m guessing the main topic of conversations around Melbourne water coolers this Monday morning, was the all night artistic festival called White Night. So, did you go? Did you bust some Bollywood moves in Federation Square? Did you get totally squashed on Swanston Street? Anyway, this all night festival of artisticness included some sporting images. Here’s […]

2002: San Francisco

If you haven’t heard yet, Michael Sam is gay. So what? Well, this is BIG news. Because Sam plays College football in the US of A. He’s pretty good apparently and is likely to be drafted by a professional NFL team in May. Or should I write “was” likely to be drafted, because some football […]

1893: Berlin

Thanks for the avalanche of responses to yesterday’s question. I was really snowed under picking the best. Yes, I know I’m on thin ice stretching the wintery puns, but I have a snowflake’s hope in hell of stopping. OK. Enough. Here’s a sample: Given that we are in the midst of Winter Olympics I assume […]

What’s a TWIZZLE?

A quick teaser before posting this week’s much anticipated blog. Does anyone know what a “Twizzle” is? That’s right,  T-W-I-Z-Z-L-E. A clue? It’s a sporting term. Post your suggestions below – I’d love to know what you think!

1958: New York

I know. The suspense is unbearable: WHO IS GOING TO WIN THE SUPERBOWL ? (at this very minute it looks like Seattle, but there are a lot of ad breaks between now and full time). So while you, along with every other species on the planet, hangs out for a result, consider this. There was […]

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