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1995: Canada…Somewhere

In Australian football world this weekend, much has been made of the return of the game to the Adelaide Oval. Since 1974 football in Adelaide has been played at Football Park (lately called AAMI Stadium). Once upon a time, Football Park was considered a model modern stadium – like VFL Park in Waverley. Purpose built […]

1927: La Nullabor Ebanajo

For fun, I read a book. Yes, people still read books. For fun. Anyway, and here I confess my total nerd credentials, the fun book I read was called Cluetopia by the amazingly erudite and amusing David Astle. If you are a fan of cryptic crosswords or the (sadly) defunct television show Letters and Numbers you already know “DA”. […]

1889: Cairo

Major League Baseball is coming to Australia! Yep, you read right. The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers will be playing a couple of games at the Sydney Cricket Ground this weekend. But these aren’t simply exhibition friendlies – these innings are for real points, so keep tuned! And if you think playing baseball […]

1988: Torquay

Dedicated followers of this humble blog – and I know you are out there – might recall a previous post where I mentioned writing a few entries for a forthcoming encyclopaedia about sport in Victoria. One of the sports I covered was skateboarding. Which prompts a question: Is skateboarding a sport? Now there are many – skaters […]

1913: Honolulu

In the world of professional surfing, this is the first week of the new year. No, this isn’t some sly joke about surfers being slackos who take long holidays (I mean, would you call Steph Gilmore or Kelly Slater lazy? Have you seen them?) No, the beginning of March heralds the first tournament on the […]

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