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1919: Wimbledon

I think all the sport history stars are in alignment. Not only are we spoiled for choice as far as international competition is concerned (Wimbledon, World Cup, Wimbledon, World Cup – my TV is about to burn out), we are also moving into the centenary anniversary marking the beginning of the Great War. Yesterday marked […]

1819: Rio de Janiero

RONAAAAAAAALDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just turned on the TV. USA looked home against Portugal in the group match, 2-1. But with 30 seconds left a cross from RONAAAAAAAAAAAALDO! A draw, two all, and all four nations in Group G are still in with a chance. Excitement plus! This result is the perfect lead in to the subject of this […]

1952: Karachi

So many World Cups, so much inspiration! Apologies if you have been looking forward to some historical nugget related to happenings in Brazil: you’ll need to wait until next week for that. Today, let us dwell on a sport where Australian dreams of a world championship have already been realized: hockey. In case you didn’t […]

1789: Versailles

Whilst Maria Sharapova and Rafael Nadal may be hailed as the Queen and King of Roland Garros, once upon a time, the French tennis court was a site of royal usurpation. In 1686 a tennis court was built at the Palace of Versaille to meet the leisure requirements of the royals and their entourage. Back then tennis […]

2003: Graz

I’ve taken the leap! From the world of weekly online posts to this:   No!  I haven’t turned blue and made the front cover. I am in the current edition of Australia’s top street magazine The Big Issue. My article “Wheel of misfortune” is about a an accident I was involved in earlier this year involving […]

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