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1911: London

Last week, the funny people at John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight poked fun at the Commonwealth Games. In case you didn’t see it, here’s the clip from YouTube. (Be warned, this segment contains irony, swearing and Republican sentiments). It would be easy to dismiss this as an example of Americans believing that nothing of worth […]


It’s all business this week. Let’s find out who was the first entrant to get ALL the answers correct in the inaugural Sports History Project Birthday Quiz. How did you go? ‘What musical instrument did tennis champ Daphne Akhurst play?’ Piano  ‘What was the first sporting event to be televised live to an international audience?’ 1956 Winter […]

Daily Mirror World Cup Final player portraits

Party in Berlin! Here’s Jack Chadwick’s player homages published in the UK Daily Mirror. Enjoy!

1944: Tibet

QUIZ CLOSES MIDNIGHT MONDAY! ITS NOT TOO LATE! PRIZES GALORE! ENTER NOW! You might be reading this, bleary eyed from an early morning of football watching. But whilst the world is celebrating two teams at the apex of world football, you might like to ponder the fate of a team from the apex of the world, currently […]

2013: Melbourne

In July last year, inspired by the Tour de France and a writing course at the University of Melbourne, a young-at-heart sport historian took the plunge into blogging. Yes, dear readers: The Sport History Project is one year old. That’s right, the first post on this blog was published on the 8th of July 2013. […]

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