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1847: Penicuik Loch

It has been decided: Scotland The Brave will remain part of the United Kingdom. And with all the talk of Caledonia these last few weeks, it was inevitable my attention would turn to a great Caledonian sporting invention – Curling. In its modern form teams of four (called rinks) slide 20 kilo-ish stones across 40 yards […]

1896: Arden Street

Since the Tiger Train crashed so spectacularly at the Adelaide Oval eight days ago, I’ve been preoccupied. WHICH BANDWAGON SHOULD I JUMP ON NOW? I’m torn between North Melbourne and Port. While I love the way Port Power (cliche alert) ‘go about their football’, I feel that any team that can dispense with the Axis […]

1954: Bern

On the 27th of September 1980 I began to hate the Richmond Football Club. Over the last 34 years my views have softened – there was a time in the mid ’90s when I quite liked the Tiges – but for the most part I have regarded them as a mildly annoying football team with a […]

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